The Next Big Social Explosion Your Business Simply Can’t Miss

The headline of this article is deliberately glib. All is explained in this wonderful video from Adobe which makes a brilliant point:



With so many ‘next big things’ it’s easy for your marketing strategy to jump around as you try to follow the crowd to the latest social craze.

As tempting as it is to be everywhere all the time, we’ve learned over the years that it’s more beneficial to carefully execute a long-term marketing strategy consistently than jump from one medium to the next. Of course, it’s great to test and measure new routes if they seem applicable to your market, but no good usually comes from constantly pivoting in new directions. Plus there’s a certain satisfaction in leaving your competitors to jump on every passing bandwagon while you’re quietly perfecting your marketing approach.

Another important point that this video inadvertently raises is this: as important as having the correct social presence is, the cornerstone of B2B communication across the globe is still email. Most people check their emails first thing in the morning, often before or during their first caffeine intake of the day. They will often check their emails again last thing before bed – with numerous checks throughout the day. The transient nature of social feeds that constantly stream new information make it unlikely that your post will get seen by most of your target market, whereas an email will patiently sit in your recipient’s inbox until they’re ready to read it (and you can track emails too so you know when it’s been read).

This isn’t to knock social media at all. We use LinkedIn in a certain way to generate a constant stream of B2B sales enquiries. We also use Facebook and Twitter to generate enquiries for our B2C customers, so we’re well versed in the benefits of social when it’s harnessed correctly. It’s just that if you regularly read Mashable or Tech Crunch, you could well be fooled into thinking that email is far from marketing’s cutting edge.

So next time you see a headline about ‘The Next Big Social Platform Your Business Can’t Survive Without’, think of the business communication tool that is already used by everybody, every day, all over the world.