Personalising Web Pages for Your Prospects and Customers

As you may already know, a marketing email that has the recipient’s name in the subject line gets more opens (3.9% more opens on average based on our findings to be precise.) Plus, using the recipient’s first name throughout the email and their company name, if applicable, gives you an average uplift in clicks of 3.3%.

Nothing ground breaking there, personalisation is proven to produce better results right across the marketing mix. (Ever received a piece of direct mail at home that was addressed to ‘The Occupier’? – hmmm, where should I file this…) Even though we know as marketeers that personalisation is a big deal, very few companies take advantage of the ability to personalise webpages for visitors.

Of course it’s not easy to personalise your website for brand new visitors. Afterall, you only really know their IP address for sure at that early stage. However, if your site does a good job in turning anonymous web traffic into inbound prospects by grabbing their name and email address in exchange for an instant incentive (see our Conversion Modules if you need help in this area) then like lots of companies, you should have a fairly substantial list of names and email addresses building up week on week.

In addition to the prospects who have opted in, you also already have a list of all your customer’s names and email addresses too. In fact, when you work it out, you’ll find that up to 80% of your web traffic is actually comprised of returning prospects and existing customers.

As you already know who these people are and have their names and email addresses sat in a list, it’s very possible to use this information to personalise each webpage they visit – particularly if you drive them there via email.

The very idea of personalised webpages excited our clever little development team at Skill and Fire and they got to work. In a matter of months came up with our very own ‘closed loop’ marketing system called SpreadDeck.

SpreadDeck is the platform that all our marketing modules run from and rather cleverly, as well as tracking which customers and prospects engage with each marketing module, (more on the benefits of that another time) it personalises each webpage with the recipient’s name and company name when they arrive there via any of our marketing emails.

The personalisation even extends to the lead generation forms because having each form already pre-filled in with the contact’s details increases the chance of it being submitted by an huge 33%. Afterall, it couldn’t be any easier for a prospect or an existing customer to enquire than simply having to hit a ‘submit’ button.

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