At Skill + Fire we believe that the ability to attract,
    convert and retain customers is an exact science.


Content Marketing is a Results Business

Any marketing company can design you a nice looking website, advert or brochure, but content marketing is a results business. Instead of creating outputs (e.g. websites, adverts, brochures etc.) we produce outcomes (e.g. 13% increase in web traffic, 56 new sales prospects, 5% increase in customer retention etc.) Everything we do is tracked, measured and reported in real time using our in-house content marketing reporting suite.

So, if you just need a flashy website or a glossy brochure, we’re probably not for you. If you want to generate 10 high quality sales leads in the next 4 weeks, increase your website conversion rate by 30% or boost your related product up-sells by 15% next quarter – then we’re going to get on like a house on fire. If you’re unsure of the gaps in your current marketing strategy, a good place to start is to get your Marketing Score.

 Tracking Dashboard


Module Types

We offer three types of marketing module. Our modular system ensures that you always know what each month's activity is going to cost and exactly what to expect in return for your investment. The three categories of marketing module are:



Modules that help you identify, locate and attract your target customers.



Modules that help you convert your targets into prospects and sales leads.



Modules that engage and delight your prospects, sales leads and customers.

The Content Tracking Platform

We’re obsessed with statistics. Tracking and transparency is at the heart of everything we do. The numbers are so integral to our offering that we built our own tracking platform called SpreadDeck that monitors everything we do for you in real time.

Building our own content marketing tracking platform means that when you come onboard (if you do), we can tailor the dashboard for you, so you only see the statistics that are relevant to your business.

Not only do you get private access to your own tracking area, fully tailored for your business, but the vital statistics are also be emailed and sent by text message each week to the key individuals in your company. So everyone always has access to the most up to date content marketing metrics.

Tracking Dashboard

Which Modules are Right for Your Business?

Finding the modules that will be of the most benefit to your business requires input from one of
our team members, however a good starting point is to identify any gaps in your
existing marketing strategy by getting your Marketing Score:



The Customer Acquisition Process

By breaking down the marketing journey into clearly defined stages, it becomes much
easier to identify the weak points in your current customer acquisition process.

There are only four categories that anyone in your market can sit within:




Buys or would consider buying what you sell, but currently does not buy from you.



Has given you their contact details and permission to share your messaging with them.



Has demonstrated clear buying signals.



Already buys from you.

Our marketing modules are designed to help your business engineer the
perfect journey from target to customer in the most delightful way.



A Question for You

We believe that the best marketing delivers genuine value to recipients, rather than just a constant bombardment of sales messaging. The question below helps clarify whether your current marketing activity genuinely delivers value to your targets, prospects and customers:


‘Could you honestly say that the individuals on your marketing list would miss your communications if they stopped receiving them or actively go and add themselves back onto your list if their contact details changed?’


The Science behind the Modules

When we were developing our range of marketing modules, we researched hundreds of websites, article and books. One of the most powerful pieces of research we came across was ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ by Robert B Cialdini Ph.D. His best selling book proves that there are 7 key ways to influence any individual, he calls them the ‘Weapons of Influence.’ Many of our marketing modules use these seven psychological motivators:

7 Proven Psychological Motivators

  • 1) Reciprocation: give your recipients value over and above the thing you actually sell and they will repay you several times over.

Examples: Free Downloads, Whitepapers, Reports, Video Series, Expert Articles


  • 2) Commitment: get your recipients into the habit of interacting with your communications by sending useful, non sales messaging, a little commitment in the beginning is proven to lead to bigger commitments in the future.

Examples: Free Downloads, Industry News Updates, Expert Articles


  • 3) Consistency: once your recipients are engaging and interacting with your communications, they are much more likely to engage with your sales messaging because human beings have an inherent need to act consistently.

Examples: Sales Pitch Videos, Sales Pitch Audio Messages, Sales Emails


  • 4) Social Proof:  one of the most convincing methods of persuasion is to demonstrate previous successes with similar customers.

Examples: Testimonials, Personal Recommendations, Case Studies


  • 5) Liking: actually liking the company and the individuals within it plays a bigger role than we ever really credit.

Examples: Personal Messages, Meet the Team Profiles, Company Updates


  • 6) Authority: position the individuals within your business as industry experts and thought leaders in your specific niche.

Examples: Expert Articles, Team Background / Pedigree, White Papers, Reports


  • 7) Scarcity: place time or quantity limits on specific content, products or services.

Examples: Timed Promotions, Countdown Content, Deals that Expire.

Get Your Marketing Score

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