5 Essential Marketing Trends

It’s all change again in the marketing world as technology evolves and new platforms make their debuts. The next six months will bring more changes than ever in online marketing, content marketing and SEO.

Trend 1 : Bite Sized Content

Vine, Snapchat and Instagram offer creative marketers the opportunity to create low cost video snippets…

Smaller is better. Like an elevator pitch, only shorter. Be on the lookout for more short forms of tiny, easily digestible content in the coming months.


Trend 2 : Conversion Pages

Your website is great (hopefully) but the smart marketers know that when it comes to lead generation, it’s all about individual web pages that have one job…

This year will see more B2B marketers using ‘Conversion Pages’ which are built for just one thing – converting traffic into leads. The average business website is believed to convert less than 1% of it’s traffic into sales enquiries. Expect to see the emphasis change from the traditional mantra of ‘more traffic = more sales’ to a more considered approach which extracts maximum value from your existing traffic before spending money on generating more.


Trend 3 : Retargeting

Lots of marketers have started to see the benefit of this technology already, expect to see it become commonplace within 6 months…

How many times have you been on a website lately, then seen adverts for the same website, (sometimes the exact products you were looking at) for the rest of the day on other sites? Retargeting is perhaps the biggest revolution in online marketing for the past 5 years and it allows smart marketers to pull interested prospective customers back to their site with laser focused campaigns that statistically blow traditional web banner advertising out of the water.


Trend 4 : Content Marketing

Give, give, give. Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing are the real buzz words of 2014…

The idea of giving away information that is genuinely beneficial to prospective customers is nothing new. Expect see the bar raised ever higher as marketers compete not only give away the most relevant and exciting content to receive, but also take the tracking and analysis of that content to a new level.


Trend 5 : In Depth Marketing Personas

We are used to working out the profiles of our ‘ideal customers’ and segmenting our marketing databases according to those values (i.e. Job Role, Industry Type, Parent, House Owner etc.)  To be successful today, marketers need to ask ever deeper questions about who their typical client might be:

  • What are their personal and work values?

  • What are their biggest challenges?

  • What is their motivation to buy?

  • Who do they look to for trusted information online?

  • Where are they in their buyer journey and what decision-making authority do they have?